The price of PVC raw materials has soared. How to buy plastic pipes?

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PVC plastic pipe is made of PVC resin. As of this morning, the resin raw material has exceeded 7500 yuan / ton, and it is still rising rapidly. Although the price of raw materials is rising, it is in various families, communities, or large public places. The plastic pipes are used, so what is the price of PVC pipes? How to buy plastic pipes?

PVC plastic pipe price

1. The specifications of PVC plastic pipes on the market are different. The common PVC plastic water pipes have an outer diameter of 50mm, 75mm, and 110mm to 1000mm. The price of PVC plastic pipes varies greatly depending on their specifications.

2, PVC plastic pipe is very common in the market, usually ordinary pipe can be used in home decoration, the price is also slightly different, the usual price point: 50 × 2.0 5.5 yuan / m, 75 × 2.3 8 yuan / meter, 17 yuan / meter of 110 × 3.2, 35 yuan / meter of 160 × 4.

How to choose a plastic tube?

1, the first is to look at the appearance of plastic tubes, if the product looks rough, there are molding defects, color is not correct, there are impurities, printing quality is poor, it is best not to use. Products with unqualified appearance quality will affect the consumer's visual experience. At the same time, the appearance is a reflection of the inherent quality. Products with unqualified appearance often have poor internal quality and affect the use. If the printing quality is unqualified, it will affect the appearance, and if it is heavy, it will fade and contaminate other items.

2, followed by the smell of plastic pipes, the main reason for the smell of plastic products is the use of recycled materials and inferior additives. Irritating odors from products with odors can harm the body's respiratory system. It is best not to use them

3. Try the quality of the plastic tube by hand. Some products are very bright in order to attract the eye of the consumer. Dark products of poor quality will be ejected during use. These pigments are generally industrial pigments. Consumers can check for themselves whether the selected dark color product is qualified: pour a little vinegar on the absorbent cotton ball, and then wipe the food surface back and forth 100 times. If the cotton wool ball is dyed with color, the product is unqualified.

4. Consider the applicability of plastic pipes. We must consider the choice of pipe in combination with the actual situation. Since the building water supply has pressure pipes, once water leakage or bursting will cause great losses to people's production and life, safety and reliability are a principle we have to consider.

5. When selecting materials, we must look at the vibration shock, water hammer and thermal expansion and contraction capacity that various plastic pipes can withstand, and see if they meet the requirements of the project. Consider economic factors.

The above is the introduction of the price of PVC plastic pipe, and how to choose plastic pipe, I hope everyone can understand the price, choose the appropriate PVC plastic pipe.